FAQ: This Frequently Asked Questions page contains answers to the most common questions about DivvyDesigns and how it works.

Here we get you all the help and answer all your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i access my dashboard?

Click on the login page or register and automatically our website will take you to the dashboard page where you can access, update, and submite your works.

What does it mean when my work move to pending?

It actually means that your work was successfully submitted which will allow our team members to carefully go through it before publishing it live on our sites.

Do i have to pay before seeing my work live?

Our organization runs free promotions which makes us unique among others

How do i submit my website or works?

Once you follow the login page, you should directly see your dashboard. In your dashboard you should be able to have access to all features like, submitting of your work, Creating or updating your profile.

How long will it take before my work go live on DivvyDesigns Site?

After a successful work upload, Our team members immediately pass your uploaded work into 5 steps check before taking it live to our site. This process take less than 12hours.

How do i get my website designed for me?

Follow the Contact page and Request a quote. In the quote, write down how you want your website designs to be. Including colours, menu bar and be specific. When submitted in takes our team members less than 1 hour to go through your quote and give you the necessary feedback as soon as possible. Then the next steps follows from the email.