About Us

Welcome To Our Brand

DivvyDesigns is a multinational marketing agency which helps you build more passionate customers and brand connections for better results in the short and long term.

Who Are We

DivvyDesigns is a multinational marketing agency which helps you build more passionate customers and brand connexions for better results in the short and long term.

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow and improve online presence in a digital way round the world.

What We Do

We offer many solutions to our client and we also know that not everything equally valuable, will be the right solution for your organization. this is because each business is unique with its own vision and particular goals. That’s why we keep our relationship with our client in other to help them get their dream job done.

Our History

We are really an independent organization, excited about innovation and development. DivvyDesigns was established in 2009 and was launched out of desperation to fill a business vacuum.After helping develop several long-lasting relationships with other business owners, we were shocked seeing so many dated webpages that didn’t bring in new customers while offering little to no support, and businesses that spent thousands of times a month on online advertising with no recompense. Since then we have made it our responsibility to help promote and acknowledge upcoming and great business and small growing individuals by promoting and getting there works/ hand works to the masses and top on google search, social media, partner websites, marketing companies through free promotions. Our company also offer great web design/ development with great prices and free months domain and hosting. WHY DO WE DO THIS? Because we know how hard it is for people to earn this days we decided to offer free promotions and monthly awards to help support and encourage upcoming and growing business. Our company equally have great team members with fully experience in web development that works with us to ensure great and outstanding delivery to our clients.

Our 3-D Process


We help discover your aim and publish it to the world through free promotions.


We define what you are and get you your customers and client for free.


We build your idea into reality and give you the best website you can ever think of. 

Why Choose Us?

We are among the top 10 best free digital marketing agencies with quality and best designs for our clients.

We offer 24×7 live support services that help our client express and talk to us directly.

We deliver best result Oriented Projects in a minimun  time.

We have the best award winning support team for you and your business

We have fully experienced proffessionals who handle your project. 

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